Ohio Investment Property for Sale

Are you in the market for an investment property in Ohio? Look no further! An exceptional single-family rental property is now available for sale at the competitive price of $1,050 per month. Situated in a desirable neighborhood, this property promises great potential for investors seeking consistent rental income.

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Located in Ohio, a state known for its stable real estate market, this investment property offers an opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for rental housing. With a reliable tenant already in place, you can start generating income from day one without the hassle of finding a suitable occupant.

Ohio Investment Property for Sale

It’s important to note that the listing specifies not to disturb the tenant. This request demonstrates a respectful approach to maintaining a positive relationship with the existing renter. Once an acceptable contract is in place, prospective buyers can conduct inspections and a walk-through to ensure the property meets their expectations.

Investing in single-family rental properties has become increasingly popular due to several factors. Firstly, they often attract long-term tenants, resulting in greater stability and reduced turnover costs. Additionally, single-family homes generally offer a higher rental income-to-purchase price ratio compared to multi-unit properties, making them an attractive investment option.

Furthermore, this investment property’s monthly rental income of $1,050 is an enticing offer for potential investors. It allows for a positive cash flow, ensuring your investment remains profitable. It’s crucial, however, to conduct a thorough analysis of expenses, such as maintenance, property management fees, and taxes, to accurately assess the property’s cash flow potential.

Ohio’s real estate market has consistently shown resilience, even during economic downturns. The state’s diverse economy, featuring industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and technology, provides stability and job opportunities for residents. This translates into a consistent demand for rental properties, minimizing the risk of prolonged vacancies.

Before finalizing any investment, it is advisable to work with a knowledgeable real estate agent or consultant who can guide you through the purchasing process. They can provide insights into the local market, rental trends, and assist in negotiating a favorable deal.

In conclusion, this Ohio investment property presents an excellent opportunity for those looking to add a single-family rental to their investment portfolio. With a tenant already in place, a monthly rental income of $1,050, and a respectful approach towards the existing occupant, this property offers a hassle-free experience for investors. Remember to conduct thorough inspections and a walk-through after an acceptable contract is established to ensure the property meets your expectations. With Ohio’s stable real estate market and consistent rental demand, this investment property has the potential to deliver a reliable and profitable return on investment.

265 N Kellner Road, Columbus, OH 43209